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About Us

From an early age Phyllis appreciated the art of music. At age 5, she began to study piano, theory, vocal scales and exercises, voice production, and classical and operatic skills. She performed piano solos at Carnegie Hall, Carl Fischer Hall, and Town Hall in New York City, and was accepted at Julliard at age 14.

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After graduating college, Phyllis moved with her family to Florida.   At that time, Phyllis was performing modern music and show tunes. In the late 1980’s she met doo wop record collectors. Soon after they formed a membership based club – The South Florida Group Harmony Association where they met once a month to share records and sing.

Not long after this, Doo Wop groups started forming. Meetings were held with a featured group performing at the meetings. Phyllis met four guys that were looking for a lead singer with a high voice. They formed Vintage. That was the beginning of Phyllis's doowop career.

Vintage won accolades from their peers for being the rookie group, and after 9 months of performing together, they opened the SFGHA show at the Sheraton Bal Harbor in Miami Beach, Florida.

In 1992, Phyllis formed Phyllis Allyn and Harmony which was alternately comprised of 4 guys or 4 girls. The group performed together until 1999.

Phyllis has a range that spans 5 octaves, from Alto High Soprano through Opera. 

Phyllis is a principal in management, production, choreography, vocal harmonies, and voice techniques. She has formed groups and performed as lead vocalist.

Representative list of shows:


Sheraton Bal Harbour, Miami Beach, FL

Show included featured guests: Willie Winfield and the Harptones, Eddie Pardocchi/5 Discs, Velours, Wrens, and Solitares, Earl Lewis/Channels and Richard Blandon/Dubs.

Coral Springs City Center, Coral Springs, FL -

Show included featured guests: The Classics, Kathy Jean/Roomates, and the Channels.

Broward County Center For The Performing Arts, Ft. Laud., FL

HurricaneRelief Show including The Spaniels, Del Vikings, and TheMystics.

Arcade Theater, Ft. Myers, FL -

Show included featured guests: Eddie Pardocchi and the 5 Discs and the Enchantments.

Harborside Convention Hall, Ft. Myers, FL -

Show included featured guest: The Four Tops.

Coral Springs City Center, Coral Springs, FL

Phyllis accompanied Jimmy Beaumont (Skyliners) and his group singing Janet Vogel’s part.

Record Museum Productions - Blast from the Past 1 - 19 -

Hollywood Performing Arts -

Phyllis performed with her group on these shows with other wonderful groups listed above.

Smoker's Park, Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Veterans Day Show

Holiday Park, Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Desert Storm Rally - Benefit

Phyllis can be found on the web at Facebook/Harmony Music Productions Presents Phyllis Allyn  as well as on OldiesPlus, internet radio. .Her YouTube Channel is Youtube.com/PhyllisAllyn

Phyllis's Live Radio Performances and Interviews include:

.         Bonditunes.com/DJ Philly Dave & DJ Henry O'Donovan

.         Doowopcafe.net/DJ Philly Dave

.         SIRIUS RADIO, Cool Bobby B’s, Doowopstop

.         WESU.88.1FM/The Doo-Wop Corner w/George Ward

.         850 WFTL-AM/Ken Held’s Doo Wop Shop

.         Oldiesyourway.com/Stu Weiss, The Pop Shoppe

.         Doowopcafe.net/Alan Seifer’s SFGHA Doowop Show

·               WMXJ 105.9 FM Radio/Ken Held's Doo Wop Shop

·               WLRN 97.3 FM Radio/R & R Revited - Bob Pianka, Host

·               WVCG 1080 AM Radio/Doo Wop Shop

·               WKAT 1360 AM Radio/Ken Held's Doo Wop Shop